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Katskhi Cottage



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LOCATION Our cabin is strategically positioned right at the turnoff that leads directly to the Katskhi Pillar. As you make the right turn, you'll find our cozy retreat waiting to welcome you, offering not only a convenient starting point for your journey but also a stunning view of the Katskhi Pillar right from our yard. Our cabin retreat offers a tranquil escape amidst nature, near the birthplace of the river Katskhura. Surrounded by pristine hiking trails, it provides a serene setting for relaxation and rejuvenation. The 40-meter stone monolith, topped with an ancient church accessible only to monks, stands as a testament to nature's grandeur and cultural heritage. Experience the beauty of the mountains with a stay at our cozy cabin retreat. BEDROOMS Step inside our cozy cabin, where comfort meets nature's beauty. With two bedrooms to choose from, your stay promises both comfort and stunning views. Upstairs, wake up to the sight of majestic mountains right outside your window. Downstairs, venture through the yard to your second bedroom, where the scenery of mountains and lush greenery awaits, inviting you to unwind and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the surroundings. The cabin has the capacity to accommodate up to five individuals. INTERIOR In the cabin, the living room exudes a cozy charm with its warm wood tones and inviting atmosphere, providing the perfect space for relaxation and gatherings. The surrounding environment complements this ambiance with its natural beauty, offering serene views and tranquil surroundings. Meanwhile, the kitchen boasts modern amenities and a delightful aesthetic, making meal preparation a joyous experience. VERSATILE ENVIRONMENT: IDEAL FOR REMOTE WORK & RELAXATION What sets our cabin apart is the versatile workspace provided by a spacious table, ideal for organizing workations or simply catching up on tasks while enjoying the mountain retreat. Whether you are seeking relaxation or productivity, our cabin offers a welcoming haven for all your needs. KITCHEN In the kitchen, stone walls impart a charmingly cozy atmosphere. Our kitchen is fully equipped with modern amenities to enhance your stay, including a large refrigerator, air fryer, microwave, bread-making machine, BBQ facilities and a water boiler. We aspire to inspire you to embrace the joy of cooking amidst the beauty of nature, inviting you to relish each moment and savor the simple pleasures of life. OUR FAMILY’S WINE As a special touch, we offer a Georgian wine, lovingly produced by our family, to complement your culinary experiences during your stay. Our family's wine holds a special place in our hearts, crafted with care using traditional Georgian methods that date back an astonishing 8000 years. Rooted in ancient traditions, our winemaking process honors the rich heritage of Georgia, producing wines that are imbued with a depth of flavor and character that can only be achieved through time-honored techniques. Each sip tells a story of our family's dedication to preserving this cultural legacy, inviting you to experience the essence of Georgia's winemaking heritage with every glass. BATHROOM In stark contrast to the cozy wooden aesthetic found throughout the cabin, the bathroom boasts a distinctive style characterized by its striking stony appearance. Grey sharp details adorn the space, creating a unique ambiance that sets it apart from the rest of the rooms. We strive to make your stay as convenient and comfortable as possible by providing all the essential amenities you need. From shampoos and conditioners to shower gels and towels, we have everything covered. Additionally, we offer a hairdryer and toothbrushes. We've taken special care to accommodate the needs of all our guests, including those with disabilities. Our bathroom is equipped with various amenities designed to provide support and accessibility, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a comfortable and inclusive stay. Activities You can enjoy near your cozy cabin: Climbing, horse riding, hiking, bicycling Payment by card, bank transfer, cash

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